Your Friend’s Annoying Blog Is Actually Good Marketing

Social Media with Blogging

From this perspective, at least.

We all have that friend. Whether their blog is about food, fitness, fashion, or anything in-between, it’s usually not the most eloquently written or interesting thing to read. On top of that, your friend isn’t any kind of expert on the subject they’re writing about and the value of the content is kind of questionable. But this aside, what your friend is doing that you aren’t is reaching an audience in a way that evokes a trust and following that ordinary social media posts cannot.

You might not like blogs, but according to statistics from Inbound Systems (an internet marketing service), your consumer definitely does. If your business is without a blog, you’re missing out on a crazy good and cheap opportunity to boost your sales and encourage customer engagement. Here are some stats that might surprise you:

-Having an active blog on which you post multiple times a week will make you more likely to show up higher on Google search results, meaning more traffic and more leads.

This is important because…

-75% of people never go past the first results page on Google.

You might be thinking, Okay, but do people really read these?

Yep. Think about how much time you spend on your email on any given school or work day.

-Internet users in the US spend 3X more time on blogs than they do on email.


-Blogs have been rated the 5th most trusted source for accurate online information.

People really believe these. In addition to this, blogs will receive comments from past or potential customers about products that increase believability. Positive word-of-mouth on the internet that’s shareable is very powerful. And it’s proven to work for both B2B and B2C businesses, generating anywhere from 67-88% more leads per month than companies who are blog-less.

So, your friend’s recipe for a healthy chili or tips for toned arms might seem unimportant to you, but there are people that care. These people follow, comment, share, and interact in ways your followers don’t. This is not to say that you should start a personal blog, but that every business should have one and post routinely on it. Blogs are inexpensive, easy ways to get noticed by potential customers and referred by past customers. They’re a great way to be seen and interact with customers, ultimately making you money.



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