Chick-fil-A Still Wants You To #FriesUp


Chick-fil-A showed its support for the Atlanta Falcons this past week by creating the #FriesUp hashtag. The company showed some love for its hometown team on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

In my opinion, I think the #FriesUp posts are a fun way to encourage customer involvement with the brand. It’s clever, relatable, and something the city of Atlanta can get behind. The posts also required little effort and cost for the company and have had a good response so far (from Falcons fans, at least).

Their tweet that reads “Together we , Atlanta! Swipe back and forth ☝️️ in support, or show us your own Waffle Fries up.” got 1,287 retweets as of 2/5/2017. The other Twitter posts the company has put up only have a couple hundred retweets, on average. The hashtag has obviously hit home with some customers and provokes a response from those that see it.

Unfortunately for Falcons fans, Chick-fil-A’s support wasn’t enough for the team to pull out a win. It does, however, make me want to drown my sorrows in some waffle fries.




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