The Rise of “Athleisure”

It’s almost like a dream. What could possibly be better than a new trend that allows you to dress up sweatpants and have it be socially acceptable? “Athleisure” is exactly what it sounds like: athletic clothing to be worn in a casual setting, but for much more than the gym.

I’ve always been a big believer that dressing nicely is not so much a motivator to be productive as it is a stuffy formality. Often times I can get work done just as well in a t-shirt as in a dress. I like this trend because it maintains a fashionable presence without sacrificing comfort. It’s also incredibly versatile in that anyone can pull it off, regardless of body type or gender.

Big business has caught onto this trend and you can find athleisure at local chain stores like Target. You can also find higher quality athleisure from brands like Fabletics, Athleta, Lulu Lemon, etc.



Given the versatility of this trend, it can be marketed in many different ways. It does not have one consumer profile, because it is for the fashionable, the athletes, young and old, guys and girls… There is a lot of potential here. I’m excited to see more of it– and buy more of it.



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