What If You Could Use Shazam-like Technology To Identify Objects?

Now you can.

Have you ever been out walking around and seen something you wanted but not known where to get it? You should download Pinterest.

Pinterest “Lens” is a new feature that allows any user with iOS or Android to take a photo in the app to be analyzed for a specific search. For example, if you take a picture of a pair of black shoes, Lens will recognize features of the shoes and translate them into keywords. You are then presented with a search of the shoes that gives you similar pairs, stores that sell them, or outfit choices to wear with the shoes. The end goal of Lens is not just to find you the product, but also show you how to use it or give you new ideas about the product.


The more Pinterest users play around with Lens, the smarter it will get and the better results will become. The feature is still in a learning phase and currently allows users to put in their own tags for items that Lens might not recognize itself. For marketers, this means that whatever content is posted on Pinterest should be easily recognizable by the new feature in order to receive matches/hits. More simple photos with good lighting are probably best for this.

In addition to Lens, a similar tool called “Shop the Look” was created in November 2016. Shop the Look is essentially Lens specifically for outfits. The tool can tell you where to purchase items in the photo. This tool is geared perfectly towards Pinterest’s almost wholly female audience.


shop_the_look_iosWhat do you think about Lens? How do you think it will change content curation on Pinterest, or will it?



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