Uber Eats Is Bad News for Bulldawg Food

ubereats_app_blog-headerUber Eats is on track to put Bulldawg Food out of business in Athens, Georgia. Not only does Uber Eats undercut the prices of the university food delivery business,  but it is also much faster and arguably more convenient for students. Uber Eats’ marketing strategy utilizes word of mouth in a strategic way that is particularly successful among young people.

Athens, being a college town, is already a prime market for a service like Uber Eats. Uber Eats is a separate app from the regular driving service that offers a variety of local restaurant choices that can be delivered to your door for a small fee. This is not a new idea by any means, as Bulldawg Food has been providing this service for years now. However, not everyone knows about Bulldawg Food as they do not seem to do much marketing online. The local business only has 64 followers on Instagram, which is almost none at all considering their primary target consumer. The only way I know of them is because I once specifically searched “food delivery service athens” and they came up on Google.

Uber Eats has a deal where you get $10 off your first order if your friend gives you a promo code. Everyone receives a personal code when they download the app and this gives groups of friends an incentive to try the service. Upon hearing of this code, I tried it myself and got a full meal and appetizer from Fuzzy’s Taco Shop for roughly $4. I essentially only paid for the delivery for my meal. This idea is similar to the “get your first ride free” with regular Uber, but is even more clever. People using the code are probably with their friends in that moment and more than one person would want to use the service.

I think that Uber Eats will be very successful and is a great addition to the already popular app. It is tough to spend less than $25 using Bulldawg Food given that you also have to tip the driver, whereas with Uber you do not.



6 thoughts on “Uber Eats Is Bad News for Bulldawg Food

  1. Becca Ashner says:

    This is a great article! I haven’t heard about Uber Eats coming to Athens yet, but I think it is very smart of them to do so. Bulldawg Food could definitely use some competition, their prices are really expensive.


  2. Clara Sims says:

    I really enjoyed your article. I think it’s definitely bad news for Bulldawg Food, especially given their prices are so expensive. I don’t think I’ve ever actually used Bulldawg Food, because I would just rather save money and go pick it up myself. Uber Eats and their promotions may change that though because it seems like a really good deal.


  3. Laura Sommerville says:

    Uber always does a good job of promoting themselves with discounts and coupons. I constantly get emails from Uber and Uber Eats Denver (the only city I’ve used it in) and almost every email has a discount. I’ll probably use Uber Eats more than Bulldawg Food!


  4. samuelgmcfarlane says:

    I will definitely start using Uber eats. My girlfriend and I use bulldawg delivery pretty frequently (because we’re lazy) and it is crazy how expensive it ends up being. This promotion is a great idea for Uber to get the word out, and I’ll most likely use it soon.


  5. Grace Mendzef says:

    I’ve always shied away form using Bulldawg Food because it is so expensive , so I definitely think Uber Eats is going to be extremely successful in Athens. Unless Bulldawg Food does something to compete or lower their prices, they risk losing a lot of market share.


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