Would You Apply To A Job With Your Facebook Profile?

Facebook just came out with a new “Jobs” feature. Businesses can promote open jobs on the social network and its users can apply automatically on their page. Tech experts are saying that this new addition will hurt LinkedIn’s growth, but I’m not so sure.


There are many issues with this, the first being that Facebook is personal for many people. Even if you have nothing to hide, privacy is still going to be a big issue here. If you’re like me, you have pretty strict settings on your page so that random people can’t see your stuff. College students that go out to parties and the like are probably not going to be keen on applying to jobs through Facebook. For me, I have nothing on Facebook that I wouldn’t be cool with my mom seeing, but I don’t want a recruiter looking at my St. Patrick’s Day album. NSFW, obviously. I also don’t want to tailor my Facebook posts to be in line with whatever recruiters are looking for. That’s my personal page and I want to keep it personal. This brings the question: what content can companies see on your page?

Second, anyone that sees the job posting is able to apply. This could be a potential problem for recruiters who are seeking qualified talent. They could receive tons of applications that might not be relevant or have inaccurate information. There is also no way to attach a resume when you hit apply, so the value of the feature is questionable. As the feature stands, you would have to provide a comment explaining how to get your resume.


Or, you could just send them to your LinkedIn, which is way easier.

Facebook has some work to do if it wants to cut into any of LinkedIn’s business. A social network and a professional network are not the same thing, and arguably should not be combined. Facebook will have to lay out some better guidelines and improve functionality before “Jobs” stands a chance.



4 thoughts on “Would You Apply To A Job With Your Facebook Profile?

  1. saloni45 says:

    I think having a Facebook job feature would be great to increase awareness of jobs! But I don’t think I would use my profile to apply to jobs directly. If Facebook had a way to use this jobs feature to forward me to the actual webstie’s job posting, that would be idea.


  2. Harbor says:

    It may be good for businesses to advertise they are hiring on FB, lots of people will see that, but I don’t think users will choose to use their personal accounts as a way to apply to them. They would probably still apply through LinkedIn or the business’ website.


  3. kellymcarterblog says:

    I have to give Facebook props for trying to compete with almost every popular social media network currently available, however, I have to agree with you Michaela– I don’t think Facebook will be successful with their jobs feature. Like you, I am very cautious and conscious about what is posted on my Facebook timeline, photo album, and wall, yet sometimes photos appear that would you would prefer not to show an employer. I think if Facebook wants to compete with LinkedIn, they need to create a separate professional platform because it would be a poor idea to mix personal and professional. It will be interesting to see how companies will react to the Jobs page.


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